2021-22 GRANTS

In partnership with the NCSD and with your direct support, the NEF has funded the following grant requests.

# of Grants:


Total Dollars:


A Soft Start to the Day

This grant provided fourth graders at Parkview with logic puzzle, building blocks and more to warm up their brains and set a positive tone for their day. New friendships, community and communication skills all grew from this simple yet impactful grant.

Karen Mendoza

Parkview Elementary


Creating an Inclusive Classroom Culture

Every student deserves a classroom that supports their learning. This grant provided students with sensory fidgets and books that support social emotional learning, allowing them to focus and take charge of their own learning.

Mia Perelli

Novi Woods


Stem Bins

These inventive bins allowed first grade students at Novi Woods to engage on hands-on critical thinking to solve real world challenges.

Luma Jarjis

Novi Woods Elementary


What Should I Read Next?

Series books chosen by students enhance student learning by motivating students to read more of what they already love. Passionate readers don't have to wait to get their next book thanks to this grant.

Ashleigh Burry

Novi Meadows


Spanish Literacy Library

Free choice of literature supports language acquisition. A library of Spanish language books allows novice language learners at Novi High School build and sustain literacy skills.

Daniel Fershtman

Novi High School


Environmental Literacy

Informational texts, soil and water testing kits, along with related supplies allow students to design their own research and test soil and water quality in the NEF-Bosch Garden, the Brookfarm Creek, and the expansive school grounds.

Nicholas Weigel-Hubler

Village Oaks


LittleMack Communication Buttons

This grant allowed students who are nonverbal or who have disabilities that impact their ability to communicate with new opportunities for independence and communication. Little Mack Communication Buttons are easy to program with phrases and sentences and improve student confidence and emotional health.

Allison Larson

Novi High School


Brain Aligned Regulation Station

Recognizing the trauma and mental health challenges our students were facing, Rob Beltz used his knowledge of applied educational neuroscience to design a custom-built regulation station to help students regulate and recover.

Rob Beltz

Village Oaks Elementary


Reading Around the World

NCSD is proud of its diverse student body and the many native languages spoken in homes throughout our district! This grant helped Novi Woods build a library of books in students' native languages, building self-confidence and self-assurance!

Megan Haapala

Novi Woods Elementary


Have HEART Carts

The "Have HEART Carts" at Village Oaks provide students with appropriate problem-solving tools that allow them to develop as leaders, practice self-regulation, and increase feelings of security while at school. These positive attitudes promote student engagement and academic learning.

Jennifer Smith

Village Oaks Elementary


Cultivating Cultural Diversity Through Dramatic Play

Our youngest students loves dramatic play and multicultural clothing and food allow students to explore and respect their own culture as well as the cultures of their diverse classmates.

Stephanie Muncie

Early Childhood Education Center


Dinosaur Garden

An outdoor play space with large plastic dinosaurs, sticks and rocks to encourage imagination, cooperation and interpersonal skills.

Sherry Griesinger

Deerfield Elementary


GAGA for School!

This fun game gives students at Village Oaks the opportunity for physical activity as well as FUN and unity!

Justin Haas

Village Oaks Elementary


Authentic Voices Through Literature

The Novi Middle School Media Center has a new selection of diverse books thanks to this grant. 8th grade book clubs centered on student choice of these books allowed for comprehensive literary discussions, critical thinking and relationship building.

Sarah David

Novi Middle School


Increasing Access to Algebra Concepts Through Manipulatives

These manipulatives create a visual bridge between concrete problems involving arithmetic and more abstract problems such as polynomial functions. High school students fill in conceptual gaps and increase their confidence when they have hands-on math experiences thanks to this grant.

Garrett Zuk

Novi High School


Learning that POPS!

While fidget toys like POP-ITS have been considered a great way to deal with stress, these innovative educators saw them as a tool for learning! Thanks to this grant, students at Orchard Hills have used these tools for hands-on activities in both literacy and mathematics.

Melissa Israel

Orchard Hills Elementary


Yoga and Mat Pilates

Mats will allow high school students to practice yoga and pilates and learn skills to nurture both their physical and mental health.

Leanne Molnar

Novi High School


Hatching EGGceptional Thinkers

Incubators for every first grade classroom allowing students to observe the lifecycle of chickens and the opportunity to care for chicks.

Christina Sauchak

Deerfield Elementary