Image by Alina Grubnyak

The value 24 can have multiple meanings for each person.  One of the most common that you might see traveling around town is on a store with a flashing "Open 24 Hours" sign.  Always open, never closes.  Available for anyone to stop by (gas station, fast food, convenience store, etc.) and they will be able to offer you a service or item.  This idea embodies the NEF as well.  Our goal to serve all our students and district members in a year round environment.

The number 24 in numerology represents family, harmony, idealism, and companionship. There's a desire for long-term security.  This also connects to the NEF, as we want success and security for our students in education, in the workplace, and in life.

While there is no perfect number and amount to donate to the NEF, anything you give will be used to connect further with our students, district, and community.  If each family donates a minimum of $24 on the fall school registration sheet, this allows current programs to continue and the realization of new ideas.  Over $50,000 a year is currently provided back to the students in the NCSD.  Your action at the start of the school year allows us to more preciously know how your generosity can be used throughout the school year.

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