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Our Mission

The Novi Educational Foundation (NEF) enriches the educational experience of each student by supporting opportunities that require financial resources beyond the district’s contribution.


  • The NEF is passionate about developing students’ social, emotional and mental health skills.  These skills include leadership, interpersonal communication, relationship building, conflict management, critical thinking, and self-confidence.  

  • We execute this mission by providing funds for district-wide programs, grants, and scholarships.  These funds are obtained through fundraising, individual contributions, sponsorships, and endowments supporting our teachers, students, and their families.

Our History

The Novi Educational Foundation (NEF) was formed in 1986 to help fund opportunities that will develop each student's potential combined with a world class education.  The NEF is a student-focused organization dedicated to supporting your child's enrichment activities and educational programs through the use of funds beyond the districts capabilities.

The NEF thanks our founding members:

Ernie Aruffo
Terry Jolly
Tom Marcus
Carol Mason

Robert Schram
Fil Superfisky
Robert Piwko

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