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Preparation is the Key to Success



District-wide programs funded for specific grade levels are constructed to develop our students non-academic skill set which include: leadership, interpersonal, determination, conflict management, critical thinking and self-confidence skills.

Our grant program is designed to promote educational leadership and academic excellence while working to encourage projects which can be developed, shared and replicated among all the schools in the district.

Annually, the NEF provides Fuerst scholarship funds based on need, application and interview to eligible residents to continue their post high school education in any accredited secondary program.

The Novi Educational Foundation supports programs that are available to all and designed to impact our youngest learners to those that are preparing to graduate and move into their next stage of life.  In support of the high academic standards our school district offers, we accomplish this through district-wide programs, grants and scholarships.

...what you want to be when you grow up, is something that we are all asked at an early age. Although we may stray from our original answer when we move into the workforce, the skills we learn at an early age help to shape and drive us in the future. Curiosity and imagination are key to problem solving and we want to keep that spirit active in our students and staff. Our commitment to innovation helps to develop a strong future employee.


...in today to pay dividends in the future. Basic economics, right? As our students mature we want the lessons that they learn inside and outside the classroom to provide realized benefits. Resources that we use today enable our students to develop their leadership and problem solving skills while working in a group setting. By supporting the entire student population we ensure greater impact on the individual.


...others to achieve as, “the expert in anything was once a beginner”. Coaching others through the ability to collaborate, having mutual respect and leading through effective oral and written communication creates a strong basis for the future. All these skills will match with the education knowledge learned over years to construct a passport to the future. We can close the global achievement gap with a vision and path.


Heart, Hand and Head Learning







We know schools are communities of learners in relationship with one another. As educators, parents, and community members we must help our students develop a high degree of behavioral and application competence (hand) to learn within these communities. Meaningful learning then requires affective engagement (heart) with the material to achieve cognitive mastery (head). It is the education of our students’ heads, hearts and hands that will genuinely prepare them for success in college, career and civic life.

To accomplish this, the NEF strives to fund areas which complement and further support the strong programs in place throughout the school district.  As you explore each grade level web page it will demonstrate an overview of the programs in place and how the NEF and NCSD impact the HEART, HANDS and HEAD.

Heart Hand Head

The 21st century is placing great demands on our students and educational system. To meet those demands, we recognize that educating the head (cognitive domain), exclusive of the heart and hand (affective and behavioral domains), is no longer educational best practice.

Heart, Hand and Head Learning