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Volunteer opportunities range from a single event to board of trustees. Whether you have a few hours to spare or are looking to make an ongoing commitment to our mission, we welcome you.

Trustees are the leadership body of the NEF. Responsibilities include:

  • Three year term

  • Regular attendance at our monthly meeting

  • Service on one or more committees

  • Advocate and advance the foundation and its mission

  • Participate in strategic planning and decision making

Committee volunteers are community members who share their skills in focused areas. Our standing committees include:

  • Marketing

    • Create marketing materials for events and fundraising, manage social media accounts, design and adminstrate website

    • Beneficial skills: Creativity, planning and organization,social media, website design and administration, writing and editing​​

    • Meets quarterly and as needed to support other committees

  • Fundraising

    • Plan events and fundraisers, provide outreach to sponsors and community partners, lead annual appeal​

    • Beneficial skills: Enthusiasm, planning and organization, networking, community engagement

    • Meets as needed to support events and fundraising

  • Scholarships ​

    • Responsible for annual selection of recipients of the Fuerst Scholarship and Janet Ban Scholarship

    • Beneficial skills: Compassion, commitment to confidentiality, decision making, interviewing ​

    • Meets multiple times between December and March

  • Grants​

    • Solicit and evaluate classroom grant proposals​
    • Beneficial skills: Decision making, prioritization, teamwork, coordination with district​

    • Meets multiple times in the fall and spring

  • Finance​

    • Oversee the management of the investments of the NEF​

    • Beneficial skills: Financial background, understanding of investments

    • Meets quarterly and as needed to review investments and investment advisor recommendations

  • Green Gala​

    • Plan and host annual Green Gala event, solicit donations and auction items from community partners​

    • Beneficial skills: Organization, event planning, community outreach, networking, creativity

    • Meets regularly between January and March.

    • Note: The Green Gala event has been impacted by the pandemic and in recent years has been a virtual event.

Not sure yet how you want to be involved? Contact us for other opportunities at 248-449-1211 or email

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Board of Trustees

need write up on time commitments, responsibilities and expecations. 

Board of Trustees


need write up on time commitments, responsibilities and expectations

  • Marketing

  • Fundraising

  • Scholarships

  • Grants

  • Finance

  • Green Gala


Special Events & Talents

need write up on time commitments, responsibilities and expectations.

Special Events & Talents
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