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Innovative teacher grants are awarded annually throughout the district to fund areas that bring a new perspective or challenge to the student population

The Novi Educational Foundation (NEF) annually extends grant opportunities for instructional programs to Novi teachers, parent-teacher organizations and administrators who seek funding for additional resources that support creative ideas and challenging opportunities for our Novi students. NEF grants promote educational leadership and academic excellence. The NEF grant process encourages projects which can be developed, shared, and replicated among all the schools in the district.


In 2016, the Novi Educational Foundation gave almost $14,000 to all Novi Schools.  In the past five years the NEF has given $110,00 to enhance learning experiences for Novi students throughout the district through our teacher grant program.

  • Tennis & Tumbling: Deerfield ($1500)

  • The Power of Professional Learning Curation: District ($1500)

  • Salmon in the Classroom: High School ($1500)

  • Infusing Learning Targets through Literature: Meadows ($210)

  • Lock Box: Middle School and Meadows ($1000)

  • I See Me Developing Through Play: Orchard Hills ($1500)

  • Story Builders: Orchard Hills ($384)

  • Maker Space Magic: Village Oaks and Parkview ($710)

  • Community Helpers: Village Oaks ($1500)

  • The Pro Project: Village Oaks ($1200)

  • Self Regulation Among Elementary Students: Village Oaks ($175)

  • Story Path-Communities: Woods ($580)

  • Keeping Us Safe One Classroom at a Time: Post Secondary ($1500)


Becoming Brilliant Fund

The grant application and submission process will be the following:


  1. Applicant completes and submits the online grant application.

  2. Once the submit button is pressed, an email is sent to both the primary applicant contact and administrator. 

  3. The administrator will be notified that the grant proposal will need approval.

  4. The email will contain a link to a shared document with the details of the proposal.

  5. If the grant proposal is lacking in any area or needs improvement, principals are encouraged to provide feedback to the applicants.

  6. All grant proposals need to be printed, signed by the administrator and emailed/delivered to the NEF Office by the end of the business day on April 10, 2018. Emailed grant proposals should be sent in pdf form to

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