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2017-2018 Sub Day Winners


Sub Day Winners

WINNERS 2019-2020

September: Nicholas Weigel-Hubler (VO) & Bridget Zahradnik (PV)

October: Sarah Kalczynski (HS) & Kelsey Gaylord (DF)

November: Laura Khalil (MS) & Renee Gantt (PV)

December: Erikka Jenkins (NM) & Joe Pruchnik (NATC)

January: Jacqueline Ukrop (OH) & Christopher Housey (HS)






Bridget Zahradnik from PV was able to spend her Friday afternoon having lunch with her husband and daughter, then shopping.    


Dr. Webber walked into the 3rd grade classroom and said "My name is Dr. Webber with two B's and I very much look forward to ending my week with you".  Over the next 3 1/2 hours they were going to work on WIN time, a mindset lesson, planners for next week and of course - recess! 


A great class with a lot of great questions, like:

  • What is your favorite Indian food?

  • Do you like Michigan or Michigan State?

  • Will you come back again tomorrow?

  • How old are you? - I don't want to give you his answer but I will say after he said his age, the class said "you look like you are 20"


What a great afternoon!

Dr Webber

Mr. WH from VO was able to get a head start on his trip up north.  It is an annual weekend trip with all his family to his aunt's apple orchard in Ludington.  While he was traveling, Dr. Matthews had the joy of teaching his class.


Dr. Matthews walked into the room and said "all afternoon recess".  Everyone cheered.  But the reality was math.  Learning the difference between factors and multiples.  Then multiplication of multiples.  Somewhere during the math lesson, Dr. Matthews said, "I'm an excellent teacher". You could have heard a pin drop.  These 4th graders take their math very serious! 


There was a call from the office over the loud speaker for Dr. Matthews to send a student to the office.  Her mom was here and the student was leaving for the day.  Dr. Matthews asked her where she was going this afternoon, and she said "I'm not sure either the dentist or Florida."


The afternoon ended with book buddies, as these fantastic 4th graders partnered with kindergarten students to read.


What a great afternoon!

Super Sub Day

Sarah from the high school had a quick message to Dr. Matthews who was able to take her morning time in the classroom.

"Thank you for subbing for my AP Psychology classes this morning and supporting the Novi Educational Foundation!


I had a wonderful morning sleeping in, getting to drop my son off at school, and going out to breakfast with my husband!  It was a great way to start the week!"


Friday, Kelsey Gaylord from DF was able to hang out with Scout her golden retriever, then went to Royal Oak to have lunch with her mom.  Dr. Webber had the opportunity to teach her ELL students.


With the help of special guest, Adva Ringle, Dr. Webber taught 23 students in K, 4, 3, and 1st grades.  The kindergarten students started by learning the sounds of Q, R, S, and T.  There was dancing and singing.  The 3rd and 4th graders were drawing monsters and writing sentences with adjectives, trying to be as descriptive as possible. The 1st graders presented their books about the 5 senses they just finished writing.  


"Personally, this was my first time in an ELL class.  These students were fantastic and smart!  They may not speak English as well as us, but they understand and are very intelligent.  I was grateful for the opportunity to watch and learn.  If our family moved to another country and English was not the primary language, I would hope the school had a great class just like this one, for my son." - Jason Smith, NEF Executive Director


What a great afternoon!

Super Sub Day

This afternoon, Renee Gantt from PV left at 12:30.  Dr. Webber then stepped in to bravely be the substitute on Tuesday afternoon (the day before we went on Thanksgiving break), oh boy!


Mrs. Gantt was going to head home to finish up some last-minute packing. Her little family is booked on an evening flight to warm and sunny South Texas. They will be spending the holiday visiting with her family in and around Corpus Christi. They are looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner in the sunshine on her grandparents' back porch (fingers crossed for no rattlesnakes!) and a visit to the Texas State Aquarium. "I'm really excited Dr. Webber could come Tuesday afternoon because it means we have a little wiggle room with our flight. We were planning to have my family meet me at Parkview right after school to head straight to the airport! This way is definitely waaaay less stressful!"


Dr. Webber enjoyed a great afternoon with a Mayflower challenge.  Students got to build boats out of aluminum foil, styrofoam cups, and masking tape.  Whose boat would float?  Once pennies were added for weight, whose boat would stay afloat?


What a great afternoon!

Super Sub Day
Super Sub Day

Laura Khalil from the MS started her holiday break early.  Dr. Matthews was brave enough to sub the day before a 2 week break!  Laura was able to have lunch with her sister and 6 week old niece who were in town from Grand Rapids.  Laura was then going to spend some time in the new house that she just bought!


The students enjoyed their last day of school by writing creatively using similes, metaphors, personification, and imagery, and then shared their writing with the class.


Joe Pruchnik aka Tim "The Tool man" Taylor from the NATC left at lunch time today.  He had an exciting afternoon planned of beating the evening crowd at Home Depot to make some purchases, and then run errands!  


Dr. Webber truly enjoyed his afternoon teaching and learning from these fantastic students.  The truly have a zest for life!  First Dr. Webber showed the students how to stand on their head.  Then there was a push up contest with a student.  I'm not saying who won...They talked about how to keep your money safe and they also worked on an incubator project (previous NEF grant)  They made art from spindles.  


I am not sure who enjoyed their afternoon more - Dr. Webber or the students? Feel free to ask him.

Super Sub Day