WINNERS 2017-2018

Check out the gallery to see what happens with our winners and superintendents.  It is all possible with your support and entries.


September - Jenny Kramer (Parkview)

October - Lisa Rice (Village Oaks)

November - Kristin Franchi (High School)

December - Wendy Whiteside (Middle School)

January - Andrea Deighton (Parkview)

February - Chris Laney (Middle School)

March - Lisa Erickson (Meadows)

April - Rachelle Shafer (Orchard Hills)

May - Nancy Bain (Novi Woods)

June - Cathy Cloke (Orchard Hills)


Sub Day Winners


Sub Day Winners

Dr. Matthews Reads In the Media Center at Parkview / NEF

Mrs. Kramer Heads Out To Enjoy Some Time Off With a Bike Ride and Nap / NEF

Parkview Sub Day With Dr. Matthews / NCSD


A few comments from the day:

"Mrs. Rice you hit the jackpot with our special teacher" - Student

"Great afternoon with @NoviVillageOaks 1st grade students. I think we learned from each other. Two cried. One monkey bar incident." - Dr. Matthews

"He is a natural! Best birthday gift ever!" - Mrs. Rice

Last Minute Instructions / NEF

Playground Duty / Dr. Matthews

Mrs. Rice's Class / Dr. Matthews

Collaboration / Dr. Matthews

Sharing a Book / NEF

Try to Determine  the Unknown Object by Using a Thinking Strategy Called the Explanation Game / Dr. Matthews

Revealed!! It's an Old School Eraser Cleaner / Dr. Matthews


What is It? / Dr. Matthews

Resulting in a Birthday Present From Her Husband / Mrs. Rice

Receiving Macy's Cash After An Early Birthday Lunch With Her Husband / Mrs. Rice


Getting Ready / Dr. Matthews

Dr. Matthews had the task to facilitate discussion around a topic near and dear to all our hearts - Mobile Phones

The discussion was around the question:

"What role, if any, should cell phones play in our classroom"

Last Instructions / NEF

So True. Found In The Classroom / NEF

Ms. Franchi Out to Spend the Afternoon With her Mom  / NEF

Look. No One Is On Their Phone / NEF

Words To Live By / NEF


Post Class Thoughts / Dr. Matthews


Warm-ups / NEF

With winning this month's drawing and having Dr. Matthews run her afternoon class, Mrs. Whiteside was able to leave early and make it home in time for a "normal dinnertime" with her husband.


Super Sub Day / Dr. Matthews

Badminton Day / NEF

Attendence / NEF

Put the Superintendent in charge of badminton. What could go wrong? / Dr. Matthews


Dr. Matthews had the pleasure to spend time at Parkview, teaching Mrs. Deighton's kindergarten class.  As Mrs. Deighton was leaving to spend an afternoon at the mall, the class got to work on a Groundhog picture.  After Dr. Matthews helped the students finish their pictures, it was time for a Groundhog math game. 


Just before Mrs. Deighton left for the afternoon, a student started crying because she didn't want her teacher to leave.  We are sure it had nothing to do with who the substitute teacher was...but with how much she loves her teacher!

Super Sub Day / Dr. Matthews

Last Minute Instructions / NEF

Goodbye Pep Talk / NEF

Last Minute Instructions / NEF

Groundhog Assembly / NEF

Groundhog Assembly / NEF

Finished Product / NEF

Math Game Time / NEF

Post Day Highlights / Dr. Matthews


Dr. Matthews was able to takeover Mr. Laney's Applied Tech and Engineering classroom for an afternoon while Mr. Laney (usually hard at work on a Friday) was able to enjoy lunch and some March Madness.


Dr. Matthews started the day with roll call and by introducing himself to the students.  An 8th grade student asked, "Dr. Matthews can you sign my high school diploma now?"  Instead of pulling out his pen, he walked them across the hall so they could work on their egg drop project in the lab.  It was great to see the students sharing ideas as they worked.  Hopefully Dr. Matthew's was able to be a good mentor and some of their eggs will not break when they drop them.

All photos highlighting the day / NEF


What a great day for Mrs. Erickson to have a substitute teacher!  Thanks to Dr. Matthews, she got to start her spring break 1/2 day early.   She had some personal business to attend to, and planned to also visit a nail salon.  So off she went...


Before the 6th graders got to work, a student had to ask his substitute teacher, "can we be dismissed early today"?  Needless to say, Mrs. Erickson was the only one dismissed early.


The discussion for the day - year round schools pros/cons.

Dr. Matthews even worked through Mrs. Erickson's planning period as the students were in art with Ms. Garcia. Lots of creative energy!

Super Sub Day / Dr. Matthews

Last Minute Instructions / NEF

Details of the Afternoon / NEF

Topic for discusion / NEF

Student ready to present / NEF

Presenting their facts / NEF

Pros and cons presented / NEF

Art Time / Dr. Matthews

Post Day Highlights / Dr. Matthews

Art Time / Dr. Matthews




As Dr. Matthews walked into OH to allow Mrs. Shafer to leave for the afternoon, the office was filled with 20 kindergarten students.  They had just returned from recess, and wouldn't you know ALL OF THEM, had gotten "hurt" outside playing.  A lot of hurt knees and fingers.  One student "broke their arm" and another said "I think I have lice".  In the first 30 minutes of sitting behind Mrs. Shafer's desk, OH had turned into a MASH unit!  Between ice bags, band aids, lice checks, and tying shoes, Dr. Matthews was getting a work out.


By 12:30, the OH phone started ringing, the lunch deliveries starting arriving, and wouldn't you know - more students "not feeling well"...


So on "Take Your Superintendent to Work Day", Mrs. Shafer got to enjoy the sunshine walking her dogs at Maybury State Park. 

Details and more details / NEF

Triage Unit / NEF

Ready for Action / Dr. Matthews

Wait, everyone hurt their head? / NEF

Hello young ladies / NEF

An adjustment there / NEF

Relaxing afternoon out with her dogs / Ms. Shafer

An adjustment here / NEF


Third grade can be fun.  Let's hope it was for Dr. Matthews as he was the substitute teacher at OH in Mrs. Cloke's class.  Don't worry there were 3 teachers  close by to offer any assistance!


In these pictures you will see Dr. Matthews getting last minute instruction to introduce multiplication of fractions to the class. 


The students were very excited for him to come today as evidenced in one of their planners and the thank you he received before the day began.


Mrs. Cloke enjoy your afternoon at home riding your jet ski around the lake!

Planning for success / NEF

Last minute instructions / NEF

Pre sub day thoughts / Dr. Matthews

Don't be afraid / NEF

Until tomorrow / NEF

Checking on progress / NEF

Breakfast for the morning / NEF

Class guidelines / NEF

In classroom thoughts / Dr. Matthews