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The Novi Educational Foundation (NEF) was formed in 1986 to help fund opportunities that will develop each student's potential combined with a world class education.  The NEF is a student-focused organization dedicated to supporting your child's enrichment activities and educational programs through the use of funds beyond the districts capabilities.


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The Fuerst Scholarship was established in 1996 thanks to a generous $350,000 donation from the estate of Ruby Fuerst to the Novi Community Schools.  The Novi Board of Education, showing its support for the NEF, entrusted the management of the Fuerst funds to the NEF.

The Ruby Fuerst estate was part of the historic Fuerst Farmstead, located on the southeast corner of Ten Mile & Novi Roads.  In 1970, sisters Iva and Ruby Fuerst sold their 160 acre farmstead to the Novi School District.  The high school, city hall, police station, library, Civic Center and Ella Mae Power Park were built on this property.  The Fuerst sisters lived on five acres surrounding the house until they both died in 1991.  This area was renovated in 2008 and is now known as Fuerst Park.

Any Novi Community School District resident, regardless of age, pursuing post high school education in an undergrad program at an accredited community college, college, university, technical, or vocational school is eligible for a Fuerst scholarship.  The decision for scholarship will be based on need, application information, and interview. The application and aid form may be picked up at the Novi High School Counseling Office or the Educational Services Building.

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The Novi Educational Foundation (NEF) recently celebrated 30 years of making a difference in the education of Novi children. 

Since its inception, the NEF has provided over $330,000 in educational grants across the Novi School district.  Grant requests are reviewed and awarded annually that demonstrate a strong connection to the NEF mission and support and recognize many new teaching concepts and ideas.

Additionally, the NEF has awarded graduating students for hard work and determination through the Fuerst Scholarship Fund totally over $300,000 in financial assistance.

The NEF continues to examine new areas it can support to support our students and further enhance their overall learning experience.

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