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The K-4 learning community strives to develop each student to be a respectful, responsible, and successful citizen both academically and socially. Classrooms are clustered into grade-level teams. Our dynamic staff coordinates deep thinking around Literacy, Math, Science, and Social Studies Above and beyond, there is a strong emphasis on Art, Media, Technology, Music, and Physical Education to help provide an even more engaging, meaningful, and dynamic learning experience for students. The strong relationships with our students, parents, businesses, and organizations clearly add to the the excellence of the schools.






The Leader in Me is FranklinCovey’s whole school transformation process. It teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. Through high expectations, collaboration, utilization of cutting edge technology and professional practice, student leaders embrace a love of learning, discover their "voice", and learn the skills, attitudes, and behaviors to be proactive contributors in a diverse and changing world.

The NEF has been instrumental in funding the Leader in Me program in our elementary schools since its inception through financial support with district wide training, materials and launch.  We continue to support updates and on-going needs so we can see how every child can be a leader.

Content from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a key component of the overall The Leader in Me process. The Leader in Me is also aligned to many national and state academic standards. The process teaches students the skills needed for academic success in any setting. These skills include critical thinking, goal setting, listening and speaking, self-directed learning, presentation-making and the ability to work in groups.


Instead of seeing children through the lens of a normal distribution curve—some kids are naturally smart and others are not—The Leader in Me paradigm sees that every child is capable, every child is a leader. This paradigm changes everything.



These are grant opportunities for programs to Novi teachers, parent-teacher organizations and administrators who seek funding for additional resources that support creative ideas and challenging opportunities for our Novi students. NEF grants promote educational leadership and academic excellence. The NEF grant process encourages projects which can be developed, shared, and replicated among all the schools in the district.

The NEF awards grants annually throughout the district to fund areas that bring a new perspective or challenge to the student population.


​Playworks’ vision is that one day every child in America will get to play—every day. We are changing school culture by leveraging the power of safe, fun, and healthy play at school every day. We create a place for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills. We offer an essential opportunity for children to explore their imaginations, to connect with other kids, and to stretch and grow physically, emotionally and socially.

The NEF originally partnered with the High School and Playworks organization to help bring safe play to groups of children in the Detroit area.  Our students have the opportunity to volunteer in our community and demonstrate their leadership abilities.  The program has since expanded to all Novi elementary schools.


Mindfulness is also noticing what your mind is doing. When you notice what is happening around you, you focus more deeply, and that attention to your own senses will help you improve in diverse areas of your life. Improved focus can help you achieve at higher levels in sports, school or music. It will help you score higher on tests, too. When you notice what is happening around you, it can help you to calm down when you’re sad, angry or frustrated. Mindfulness helps you deal with tough emotions, and mindfulness can make you happy and feel good.​

What started by funding one building classroom, has expanded into training for every second grade classroom in the district. 


What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply noticing what is happening right now. Mindfulness is taking notice of how your body feels and what you see, smell and taste.







The district has created Curiosity Kits that are in place at each elementary school.  The purpose of these Curiosity Kits is to provide all students with STEM experiences and to activate interest.  It is also an opportunity to show students that everyone can have success with STEM ideas.  The Curiosity Kits have tools and experiences that introduce students to coding, design thinking, robotics and building.  We have a wide range of experiences including Osmo tools that use iPads, Keva Planks, MakeDo toolkits, Dremel 3D printing, and Dash and Dot Robots.

In addition we have added Chibitronics in our art classrooms that reinforce science concepts on circuits and connect them to art experiences for our students.  The actual STEM concept is in our science curriculum and addresses circuits. 





Each K-4 building is a learning community where there is a deep commitment to maximum proficiency for every student. 

Our 4th graders are ready for 5th grade because….they know how to

  • Be leaders of their own learning by setting and monitoring academic and social-emotional goals

  • Apply Seven Habits of Highly Effective People principles to everyday situations

  • Respect the unique individuality of all people.

  • Collaborate with peers and colleagues to solve real-world issues.

  • Set and achieve high expectations for themselves and others.

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