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2022-23 GRANTS

In partnership with the NCSD and with your direct support, the NEF has funded the following grant requests.

# of Grants:


Total Dollars:


Characters Like Me - A Diverse Classroom Library

Anne Dehne

Novi Meadows


Offering a diverse classroom library allows students to truly see themselves in the characters they read. One way we want to do this is by incorporating books with main characters of various races and cultures, as well as offering books by authors of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Soft Start Morning Materials

Ashley Kurtz

Orchard Hills Elementary


The first grade team would like hands on, STEM materials that students can use when they arrive in the morning. These materials will be engaging and offer student choice.

“Time’s Up!”

Melissa Israel

Orchard Hills Elementary


Students need lots of opportunities to practice their multiplication facts and doing so in a game is even better!

What a Pickle?!- (Pickleball)

Meghan Polce

Novi High School


This grant request is for the purchase of pickleball equipment. Pickleball is the number one growing sport in the country based on the accessibility and the high success rate of all skill levels and age groups.

Ecosystems research project resources

Todd Erickson, Librarian

Novi Meadows


Print material for Informational writing and research unit. To support science curriculum.

Coffee Cart = Hug in a Mug

Cortney Kidon

Novi Woods Elementary


A student-run coffee cart that funds a schoolwide relationship building program, Hug in a Mug.

Village Oaks ASD Sensory-Friendly Space

Chelsea Dixon

Village Oaks Elementary


The purpose of this proposal is to create an environment for students at Village Oaks who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This space will provide students with a variety of activities that are necessary to ensure sensory integration throughout their school day.

4th Grade Battle of the Books - Access for All Students

Katy Golden

Village Oaks Elementary


The Village Oaks fourth graders have the option to participate in a cooperative reading challenge, the Battle of the Books, to celebrate their reading growth throughout the year. To allow all students to participate in the Battle of the Books, the media center will purchase 20 copies of each of the 5 titles that will circulate from the library so all 4th graders can access them and can choose to join the challenge without the burden of acquiring the books on their own.

The Advisory Origami Project

Kristen Mrozek

Novi High School


The art of making origami is an excellent outlet to help students with mental health. This project will fund origami paper for staff to keep in their classroom during Advisory times.

Look At Those Sounds!

Melissa Cyrus

Parkview Elementary


Student are learning about phonemic awareness using the research based Science of Reading curriculum. Students are learning to, "see" what sounds, "look like" and these class set of mirrors will help implement that vital skill.

STEM Stations

Jillian Hattie

Novi Woods Elementary


STEM is a great way to allow kids to collaborate with one another, solve problems, and channel their creativity. Giving our 2nd graders the opportunity to tinker, build, and create will help them become well-rounded students and people!

Musical Guest Artists for Orchard Hills Elementary

Kasey Julian

Orchard Hills Elementary


For this project I will invite 5 guest artists to perform with our students. The concert dates are December 15, March 2, March 16, April 20, and May 11. All the concerts are on a Thursday at 6:30pm in the Orchard Hills Gymnasium except May 11 which is at the Novi Middle School Auditorium. Because of this timeline, if accepted, the NEF Grant will be applied to five concerts following the date the funds ($500) are received.

Thank you to DFCU for supporting NEF teacher grants
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