This school year will be the 35th year that the NEF has been working to enhance the learning and development experience of every student in the Novi District, and I am honored to serve as its President of the Board.  The NEF has a valuable role in providing funding in the area of district programs, individual grants and scholarships that can impact every student in the district.  We are passionate about the social-emotional development of the student and supporting the areas of leadership, conflict management, interpersonal, determination, critical thinking and self-confidence.  All of these things will be needed as our students grow and start to “leave the nest”.  I want the best tools and future being available to our students, and as a part of this organization I pledge to try and make that happen.

Over the past few years the NEF has gone through reflection and strategic development to ensure that it is focused in the right areas and can provide long term sustainability.  As we have gone through that process, we see the opportunity and need for even greater potential programs to make our district and students even stronger and more prepared for the road ahead.  Our district does a tremendous job at educating and helping our students grow over the years and we desire to put more tools in their hands to support and make that process more substantial.

Since the NEF was created it could not have existed without continued support.  That support comes in many shapes from families, neighbors, district staff, community members and local businesses.  If you have a particular passion, please reach out to us and let us know.  If you wish to know more about the NEF, we would be excited to share more and explore opportunities.  If you are a local business and want a deeper connection to our district and its development, we thank you for your interest and commitment to Novi.  I appreciate your time and thoughtful consideration of supporting the NEF, our students and district.

Tom Smith

Every day parents in the Novi community send their children to the schools of the Novi Community School District. Those of us who work for the district understand that our responsibility every day is to meet the needs of these students as they walk through our doors.


One of the reasons that we are able to be successful is because we have tremendous community support. A valuable community partner is the NEF. Through teacher grants, support for innovative programs, teacher recognition, and student scholarships, the NEF collaborates with the district and works to create a positive, engaging school culture for each student and in each classroom.


I would encourage you to support the NEF. Attend events. Support the work of the NEF financially. Collaborate with the NEF as they partner with our district to build a great place for students. Together we can ensure that our students have the resources and the support they need to be ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dr. Steve Matthews

NCSD Superintendent

Dr. Matthews at the Early Childhood Center / B. Roose