2015 NEF Teacher of the Year Announced

The Suburban Collection Rewards Sherri Griesinger with Vehicle Lease

NOVI, Mich. – Sherri Griesinger, a first grade teacher at Deerfield Elementary was named “Teacher of the Year” for the Novi Community School District.

“It is a wonderful privilege to honor Sherry Griesinger,” said Dr. Steve Matthews, Superintendent of the Novi Community School District. “I have visited Mrs. Griesinger's classroom many times. Each time I find Mrs. Griesinger hard at work caring for her students, encouraging her students, and ensuring that her students are learning. Her classroom is a joyous, engaging, energetic place. I can offer no praise higher than to say that Mrs. Griesinger makes a difference for the students in her classroom. “

Adding to this honor, The Suburban Collection awarded Mrs. Griesinger a vehicle lease.


Supporting Educational Initiatives

NEF announces funding drive                               
to expand life skills program

NOVI, Mich. – The Novi Educational Foundation (NEF) has a “vision.”  It’s simple – but very powerful!

What if…the entire Novi school district was filled with students who were responsible, who showed initiative, who were creative, who knew how to set goals and meet them, who got along with people of various backgrounds and cultures and who could resolve conflicts and solve problems?

“It’s about PERSONAL LEADERSHIP,” says Geoff Wood, NEF chairperson. “The NEF wants all Novi children to become leaders of their own life, have unique talents and make a positive difference in the world. That’s why we support – and want to expand – all the good things about Leader In Me.”


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